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What is the difference between a student and a record?

When inputting information into the data tool, you will encounter two distinct categories of ‘files.’ You will have the option to input student information as well as add records.

Student – This section contains essential information about an individual student, including their first and last names, date of birth, identification number, gender, ethnic background, academic year, residential and mailing addresses, and details about siblings.

Record – Within this, you will find comprehensive particulars concerning a student, including nighttime residence, physical and mental wellness, details pertinent to Title 1 involvement, student-related documentation, expenses received in that school year, and other related information.

To learn more about “Records” in the data tool, please view the video below.

Adding Students in the Data Tool

Adding Records in the Data Tool

Saving data that is stored in tables

Adding Siblings and Syncing Data Between Siblings

Downloading Student and District Information

Updated on January 23, 2024

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